Background Info:
As a 10 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and my last duty station being here in Colorado Springs at Norad from Oct 1994-Mar 1997, and in my off time while in the Air Force, I was  practicing limited close-up magic, and I started working at the local magic shop, Zeezo's Magic Castle. I met some professional local magicians who were performing for parties and a broad range of other venues, and I decided to start soon thereafter also performing at local birthday parties where I did just magic. I was introduced to the "Balloon Artistry" by my best friend Ivan Rockey, whom is no longer with us, may he forever rest in Peace. I was so fascinated with the potential of working with balloons that he introduced me to, and I saw the possibility to be able to make anything, that I began to strongly to persue the art form with great passion. I have since gathered a collection of over 60 dvds/vhs videos and close to 70 books on varied balloon designs, styles, and creations from the national and international level. I have also been to eight national level conventions, competed while there, as well as attended many classes from world renowned instructors, and for the first time since I starting in 1997, I was voted Best Balloon Artist in Colo Spgs for 2010. Since starting in 1997 I have attended 8 national balloon conventions. While there, I have competed in competitions and learned from a broad variety of artists teaching classes which has helped me to continue advancing the skills and knowledge necessary to provide the best entertainment I can for children and families in our community. I am currently in my 5th year of performing at the Texas Roadhouse at powers blvd and constitution ave, 6:30-8:30 Monday nights in Colorado springs.

I Know that God has blessed me with an incredibly artistic talent with balloons and the experience to be able to work with them for 22 years now. Working with the balloons has grown into the successful business that I continue to manage today. I provide entertainment for the children, and families of Colorado Springs and surrounding areas in a broad range of venues and for a variety of organizations. I don't use a pump most of the time to inflate the balloons, so part of my email address is twolungsofsteel for that reason. Balloon Artistry for me is a-lot more than just simple one balloon figures, and continues to be alot of fun to create and provide for children and families of all ages. I have been actively engaged in learning and creating balloon decoration for a variety of venues for several years now. There is something to be said about taking simple uninflated balloons and creating art that can enhance the joy and excitement for any occasion. The pictures seen here and at the national websites are proof of that. Some designs shown are originally my creations and some are replicated designs of amazing artists from around the world that I can try to provide to show the amazing imaginations they have. 
*Some designs seen on my site are duplicated styles from national balloon artists, and some are my original designs.